West Chiltington


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West Chiltington
Monday, 30 May


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West Chiltington

West Chiltington is located between Pulborough to the West, Thakeham to the East and Storrington to the South, and lies on the North side of the South Downs.

This website is owned and maintained by people who live and work in West Chiltington. For news as we get it please check the ticker and the News page. To contact us on website matters or with news please use the Contact Form

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The Village Web Site

This site is on the 'front page' in a search for 'West Chiltington'. We are indeed fortunate to have this site, started by Robin Bliss and continued by Kevin Passey - thanks to both. There are not many villages around which have so much scope for clubs, societies and charities to pass on information, and grateful thanks go to our business partners who help to fund this community service. It is the perfect place to advertise your business or club, and to post news of interest to villagers and visitors. It is current and (hopefully!) easy to find your way around.

Attention small and home-based businesses -

if you are a small business in the region we also offerthe 'small ads' page. There is a Contact Form on the site with which you can contact us to enquire about advertising here.
I have recently had the opportunity to look at pages from the village website right back to its first days when it was started by Robin Bliss in 2004. Quite fascinating to see the way it has evolved - and to note that it did indeed have a forum at one point, but it appears that it was discontinued early in 2006 as happened to the latest one I 're-kindled', due to lack of interest.
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