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For those who are following the broadband pages you will see we have had two disappointing results and a few 'ok' ones. It appears that the condition (and as expected, the length) of the lines is the major problem. I am in 'dialogue' with various broadband folk about it and would really like to know how yours is if you have had FTTC installed. If is important that we monitor the progress of the County scheme to try and ensure that we, the taxpayers, are getting value for the money we are all paying BT for it. I have created a form here and I would be very grateful if you could find the time to fill in and send. If there are issues WSCC need to know as it will affect their targets for rural coverage. I assure you that no personal information will be passsed on, and should County or anyone else require more information you will decide whether to respond or not.

Your help is appreciated and will help others and the County. Many thanks to those who have responded so far. Here is a summary of the results so far.

Traffic and speed

The WCNPC are putting together proposals which will be included in the distribution for the public consultation on the Plan, expected in September.

I want to give a little history/background to the issues in advance:

Some of you will recall that in 2008, Simon Griffin and I canvassed several roads in the southern part of the village. The feelings were high that most wanted 'something done' about the excessive speeds we were seeing. 220 signatures were obtained on a petition to the Parish Council. Simon and I subsequently attended a Council meeting to raise the issue. For those who are unaware, there are particular problems on Harborough Hill and Monkmead Lane which are primary 'rat run' routes for traffic avoiding Storrington. Mill Road also has excessive speeds. A survey by the County in 2008 recorded speeds as high as 58mph on Harborough and Monkmead. The Parish Council had suggested that there had been a lot of activity by them on the topic but we pointed out that there was no evidence in any of the Council minutes that we could find to show that any attempts had been made to address the issues. In any case, we obtained approval for the funding for access to the Speed Indicator Display (SID) which was then deployed by a team of volunteers, with a significant success in reducing speeds. We also struck a good working relationship with the Sussex Police traffic units who deployed with success in several parts of the village on several occasions. Unfortunately the Parish Council showed no public support for the scheme in an article in the West Sussex County Times and this caused us to review the time we and the other SID volunteers were spending on the project, and it was closed.

As far as we can see, the attendance of the Police has almost ceased, and very little traffic on Harborough, Monkmead and Mill Road actually observes the speed limit of 30mph. The dangers to pedestrians with the lack of footpaths and the numerous driveways to peoples' houses makes speeding traffic a real hazard. I have made three requests to the Parish Council, none of which have been acknowledged, for sight of correspondence and minuted actions taken by them on the traffic issues. It appears they are unable to provide these.

The problem is likely to worsen, as Storrington looks set to divert the 'high-emissions' traffic via the A29 and Pulborough and I suspect will have some other form of traffic restrictions in due course for normal traffic, all of which will probably push even more traffic through the village.

If anyone has views on this, please use the 'contact us' form to say, so we can assess what you all want.

It has long been my view that as well as proper enforcement, we need to reduce speed limits in some parts of the village such as around the Queen's Head and school and Hagland's Crossroads. Over to you?

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